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I am a photographer based in Los Angeles and have shot weddings locally and around the world. Art has been a constant lifelong love. I picked up my first film camera at eleven and have a Bachelor's degree in Painting. I worked as an animator for over a decade on award winning films such as FROZEN, KUNG FU PANDA, and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. While I enjoyed contributing my artistry to these films, being a photographer allows me to follow my own creative vision.

I also have an immense love for nature and the outdoors. If I am not working on wedding pictures, you will most likely find me outside taking landscapes of National Parks or hiking up a lonely mountain trail to get a glimpse of the setting sun over a distant horizon.

Being an artist hasn't always been easy or successful, but it has given me a profound respect for the discipline. I've stuck with it because I love it. Over the years, my passion has never waned, and I've persevered to create a life of making art everyday for myself and others to enjoy.



My wedding images are painterly and timeless - they are characterized by deep rich colors and lush harmonizing hues. Every shot is proudly drawn from nearly thirty years of artistic experience. I am particularly skilled at capturing candid moments and delicately exposing each image with precision and ease - such as a backlit flower girl walking the aisle, an emotional tear at the altar, a golden sunset above an outdoor ceremony, or even the way light reflects and defines the subtle folds on a white wedding dress.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of my favorite photographers, has been called the father of modern photojournalism. Like myself, he started out as a painter. Photojournalism by definition is not just candid picture taking. It is visual storytelling. Weddings are a pivotal point in one's life that must be preserved in a timeless manner for future generations to enjoy. When your grandchildren see your wedding pictures many years from now, I want them to feel what you felt and experience that day.

My photographs do not mimic trendy Instagram filters and fads, or made to look old and vintage with depressing muddy color casts. They are not gimmicky, pretentious, or phony - nor do they pander to recognition, popularity, or awards. Every image is grounded in my upbringing and love of picture taking - classically composed and rendered with attention and detail. They are diverse in color yet stylistically consistent. I shoot every wedding as if I were shooting my own.

If this resonates with you, please visit my WEDDING PORTFOLIO page for samples of my work and CONTACT me for additional information on pricing or questions. I would love to hear from you!

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